Tinnitus is characterised by the perception of a noise in the ear, in the absence of a physical stimulus


At the University of Otago we are conducting a longitudinal observational study about how people experience tinnitus over time.


Taking part in this study will involve completing at least one, and a maximum of three surveys (completing a survey will take between 25 to 40 minutes) across a period of six months. If you complete all three surveys it will take 90 minutes in total.


All participants in this research will receive their choice of either a $20 grocery or petrol voucher after each completed survey. The online surveys include questions about tinnitus-related problems, and how people experience their tinnitus, as well as demographic and health behaviour related questions.


This research is important in order to gain a better understanding of how psychological characteristics can predict the development and course of tinnitus, and its interference with everyday functioning. Results of our study will help us to identify individuals who are at risk of developing a persistent tinnitus and to provide them with an appropriate treatment at an early stage.


To take part in this study you must:


• have had a subjective tinnitus for less than 4 weeks

have the ability to read and understand English.

• be aged at least 18 years old.


Participants who suffer from a cognitive impairment of a degree that impedes their ability to complete a survey are not eligible for this study.


To register your interest in participating, please fill out the following details and we will contact you to arrange the survey link.

Contact the study co-ordinator for further information: maria.kleinstaeuber@otago.ac.nz


This project has been reviewed and approved by the Health and Disability Ethics Committee, Reference: H20/063.

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